When the Timing Doesn’t Work

When the Timing Doesn’t Work

There’s a right and a wrong time.

In January, I wrote about applying to the Institute on Science for Global Policy’s Climate Change Arctic Program, which is hosting a series of debates on climate change throughout the country. The issue of climate change is particularly close to my heart as a Floridian, but I was particularly drawn to the possibility of traveling to the Arctic as part of the conference.  So I submitted my application (possibly twice) and waited for the conference dates to be announced.

That happened at the beginning of September, and they were the worst possible dates, for me at least.

It just so happens that the dates for the conference, October 2 and 3, coincided with the opening weekend of the arts organization I work for. And this season, the opening is a really, really big deal, perhaps the biggest deal in the 10 years I’ve been there.

I went back and forth on whether I could, or should, take the Friday off and go to the conference, but it felt like abandoning my team in the last inning, the last seconds of the second half, or minute 79 with a game-winning score within range.

So I’m letting this one go.

That doesn’t lessen my interest in an Arctic expedition or negate the importance of discussing climate change. With the Pope’s address to Congress this past week, these types of community caucuses are even more critical.

If you’re in St. Pete, or any of the cities where the ISGP is having conferences, I encourage you to go. Climate change is the most important topic of our time and will affect everyone, not just those of us who live in Florida.

As for the Arctic adventure with a scientific twist? I’ll have to start investigating some different trips.

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